I can't stop thinking about him and it's getting too far?

There's this boy I've liked/had a crush on for coming up to three years. He used to go to my school and we'd talk then but now that we're in college we don't speak - we do different subjects and I only ever see him when passing each other in the corridor and he's always with his friends. The thing is ever since I first started liking him I've not been able to get him off my mind :/ I check his social media like most days and stuff and I even have dreams about him sometimes :( he's like my ideal type of guy and the fact that I'll probably never be able to have him makes me really depressed. What should I do? Honestly I see good looking boys all of the time but this guy always pops back into the front of my mind and it really hurts that we literally walk past each other without talking :( one thing I've noticed is that anytime my friends upload pictures with me in them he likes them, but he doesn't like any of their other pictures. Maybe I'm reading into that too deeply but it's really strange and frustrates me that he likes pics of me but doesn't follow me or anything I don't know


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  • Try to catch him at some point alone and just break the ice with something like this , what are you to good to speak to me any more. It will shock him a little but it will remind him of all the talks y'all had in the past


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  • You start talking to him and tell him how long you've had a crush on him and ask if he's interested. Snooze you lose


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