Do you believe the perfect female repellent exists?

Many men have dreamt how would it feel if you were the ultimate don juan, the supreme charmer of ladies for whom they form queues. I also believe the opposite of that can exist, the ulltimate female repellent. the anti-magnet that can push away fems in the verges of space. And i think i have that power. i'm just like an anti-hero that has mystical antifemale superpowers. when i chat with women on the internet it ends in 10 seconds! others have observed this anti-power of mine as well. i can create in them strong anti-feelings in matters of nanoseconds! do you think i can exploit this anti-talent somehow and make money out of it? like open a school for monks or something? to ensure their safety from all temptation. or for dedicated businessmen, so that gold diggers dont distract them from their work. or for jealous wives to ensure their husbands' chastity! (of course only with other women not them). what do you think?

  • i dont think you are more than the average socio-tard/ femmematters-tard
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  • maybe you have just extremely low confidence, idleness and pessimism and it repels them
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  • women are cray so dont worry (i'm a woman)
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  • you just gotta be a cocky playa dude. i tell ya dude. (gorilla now wants banana)
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  • yes this anti- don juan might exist
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  • of course you shouldn't let your talent go to waste! make a business out of it!
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like literally. you have to see dem powers in action to believe!


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  • A pessimistic attitude does repel me. I can't speak for other women, though.

    • lol you have no idea. many women run on the hills when they hear i have no carreer plans and "ambitions" (female phemism or money). and since i'm not a badboy lover either they have nothing to gain from me... .

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    • Everyone has different thresholds.

    • hehe. i'm the best at being the worst bae... .

Most Helpful Guy

  • Basement dwellers lol

    • i live on a tall building with no basement!

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    • Ohhh I didn't mean it directed to you

    • well you only got the basement and sunlight wrong!

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  • Well I am a female repellent as well so we should use our unique gifts to die alone 😳

    • or make a business and die rich? imagine the pickup community reversed. we will take succesful players and turn them to despicable geektards!

    • I doubt it would work but sure I'm up for being rich

  • Say this to a woman. "Sorry to bother you, I'm a nice guy wondering what your number is. You are very sweet and pretty"

    She'll reject your ass fast.

    • nah that was meh, you got too much to learn kiddo. if the force is strong with you I AM the force... .

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