Why is he not texting anymore?

So I met this guy 4 months ago and we met like 4 times a week. He took me out to restaurants, the movie, a lake.
We both knew from the beginning that I'll move to another city, I wasn't looking for something serious.
I didn't realize how much I like him up until the last night we spend together. We were up all night cuddling, making love und he wouldn't stop hugging and kissing me, he told me that he never expected to meet such a great girl and he feels like the happiest guy.
He tried to talk about our relationship (if I wanted to start a longdistance relationship) but at that point I just couldn't talk about that, cause out of the sudden reality hit me and I realized that this was our last night. I was holding back tears. And I'm usually very tough in situations like that.
We're seperated for 3 weeks now and I stopped texting him, just so I could see what his reaction would be (I know I am so stupid). He didn't text me back for 3 days. He texted me that he was drunk and at a party, my responses were very short and cold because I was kinda sad that he'd only text me to tell me that. And after that he didn't text me again ( that was 3 days ago).
What do you think is the reason he doesn't text me?
(Sorry for my English, I'm from Austria)


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  • He is going through a lot right now. He just needs some space. But don't be afraid to text him and say "Hey whats up?". or something like that


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