Three Days No Contact?

I have been seeing a girl for a little while now. We started talking at the start of August, had our first date August 20th. We talk nearly everyday through text and online messages, and things are generally going good.

She has had a lot on her plate though, as she is a model, and she has been organizing a trip overseas with photo shoots with other girls and a party over there to get exposure, and it also requires her to be in the gym a lot and devote a lot of time to looking her best. We have plans lined up in the future, but I kind of questioned her on why she wouldn't want to just take some time to relax and get together again for one night between then and now, and she got upset and said I wasn't being patient enough with her, and things were moving too fast between us. it really struck me like for one she was sincere, but also that it could be about her taking it slow and not wanting to rush into things, like she has been hurt in the past. We worked it out, and she was the first to bring up us being in a relationship and she gave me her number after that, and has told me she has special things she's doing for me on this trip, but lately its kind of seemed like things have cooled off in mostly how active she is in reading and replying to me. Is worrying over that foolish of me and should I just let things play out? Or is this her not seeing me as a main priority / not getting as excited as you would expect to talk to me and a dropped off interest level?

I usually try to keep the texting balanced and go 1-1 in talking to her, but its been nearly three days and she hasn't read my last message, and I want to respect her space and let things blossom, but not go too long in not talking and seem like I don't care. Thanks.


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  • Have you seen this girl in the 3 days at all or is it complete no contact

    • Its not really a long distance relationship, she lives about sixty miles from me and I can go see her whenever, but she's a public figure and is quite well known and we haven't really reached the point where I have her personal info or I visit her in a non date setting, so I haven't seen her, but she's also been not very active on her social media pages.

    • well wait till its late then text her all the things you love about her so that when she wakes up she sees that

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