Guys, Why do guys in a committed relationship like to look at other girls while you are on a date, like pictures on social media? Why do this?

What are they looking for? Options?


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  • No answer can make total sense. I think some guys are just that clueless and insensitive or that they don't even realize they are doing it. Others are just that cocky. Some guys can never be happy with what they have and are constantly looking to see if someone else is better some how. But I do believe there is always that primeval instinct to be on the look out for a potential mating partner that for some is barely controllable.

    • Exctly I agreed with you.. It seems like he is doing it because he is bored or fising around because he told me I have no options but If I did I would still choose you... why even mention that? What is he trying to prove.. make me jealous?

    • yeah, that was an ignorant comment by him, and that would piss me off. It like he is saying he wants someone better but he can't for some reason and so he is just stuck with you.

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  • Why not look? Okay yeah I get that it is rude to not have your attention on your date while out. But is there really a problem with admiring other people?

    • Not issues in looking at others, but when you are with your girl, giver her your 100 percent attention... it shows more love and appreciation for one another... Yeah sure everyone looks great in their own way... but its like him looking and staring at her boobies or ass... And turns his head all the way back again just to look at her.. Like he is with the dudes... or something...

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    • Yeah I know... its sad.. how certain guys do not know what they have and realize it... later on

    • … or never realize it at all. but that is his problem, not yours.

  • I'm not saying that it's right for him to do that, but here's my opinion.

    Many of us have the ability to judge people by how they look, I mean we all can acknowledge that one person is appealing while another isn't as up there. We also have the ability to appreciate appearance level too.

    Now it's a whole different story if he intentionally looks up pictures of specific girls, makes remarks on it around you, or even shares it with you. That's just being plain douche-y and bad-mannered.

    • Oh he does that , He goes what do u think of this girls picture... isn't she hot, Look at her, she has big ass, when will your ass get like that or when are you going to look like this. I am thinking if guys are more into looks isn't it all fake,,, because looks are not everything if ur going to invest in someone.. Personality will always be there... more than the looks... When she is 50 her boobs will be sagging down... If u know what I mean...

    • That's just entirely disrespectful to both you and every other girl he looks at. You should comment on how you don't like how he looks at other women that way, if he gets mad, then I need you to question if he's worth a long-term committed relationship, that just isn't a quality that should be present in a dedicated relationship.. Everyone needs to find a special someone knows how to treat their partner right.

    • Of course... I feel like he does not value what he has inspite of all the things I have done for himm.. bday I planned a special night out of town.. Christmas.. gave him his first.. **... Vday I gave him a gift and a romantic dinner... Summer time planned a special night out.. Only last weekend he planned a special dinner for us but I had to pay it... He kept playing with his phone.. showing me girls again and again.. I get it he is trying to be comfortable with me.. but I am not his boys...

  • Look up rubber necking, then watch the American dad episode called, rubber neckers

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