Just beginning to get closer to crush. Now we have movie plans, How do I act/dress/sit next to him?

Okay so last weekend I decided to ask my crush and his friend to go to a Halloween maze. We had a really great time (and even held hands) while walking in the maze. Now all of us are in a group of friends and we made plans for a movie this Friday. We are seeing a scary movie:). What do I wear and do with my hair? All of my friends know I like him, so they won't try to sit next to him, but he might try to sit with his friend. How do I sit next to him in the move? Do I lift the arm rest up or is that weird? Helpppp lol.


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  • Be up front about your interest in all you do, guys love it when you can take the initiative and break the ice. Hang out with him, hold his hand or touch his arm and ask something like "where do you want to sit?" A scary movie... that could open up some opportunities to get close together


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  • You've already held hands so the ice has been broken. Wear what you would for school same with your hair and be yourself. Just sit next to him and lift the arm up and tell him you might get close, I mean in like a snuggle kind of way, and might grab his hand during the scary parts of the movie. Good thing you chose a horror movie

  • Sit next to him and rest your arm on his if he's using the armrest. To sit next to him, just walk with him into the theater... Dress like you normally would.

    What movie are you seeing BTW?


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