Women what introduction gets you interested in a guy more?

1. Hey you are quite interesting and Id really like to get to know you more than just a gorgeous girl that I saw today oh and my name is (insert name) what is yours

2. Hey you're cute I want to know if you want to grab something to eat and watch a movie today oh and my name is (insert name) what is yours

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Most Helpful Girl

  • they both sound a little odd but id rather the second one. i feel like ur trying to say too much...

    when u introduce urself, start with hi and ur name. dont act like u have to rehearse this.
    then, when she tells u her, say it's nice to meet her and a compliment would be nice. nothing creepy.
    then if she seems open, ask her if she wants to grab bit with u.

    dont just blurt it all out at once. we'll sense the creepiness and u will be blown off for nothing that is really ur fault.


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1. How can she be quite interesting when you never spoke to her?
    2. First sentence you want her to watch a movie? You're bether off offering sex.
    Joking aside, keep it simple.
    Sorry (get her attention), you're cute, i couldn't resist to come over and say hi.
    Thats it. Try it and thank me later.


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