Girls, I'm not desperate but I enjoy talking to girls. Is that bad?

When I'm on campus i talk to at least one girl around my age once a week. So here's how i go about it:

1.) I approach her and introduce myself

2.) I start a conversation which lasts about 10 minutes or so

3.) I ask her out for coffee to try to get to know her better.

Lately, I've been rejected ( "I have a boyfriend" is the phrase used most often) but it doesn't seem to bother me and I move on and talk to the next girl. I feel in order to get to know someone better I should keep trying this method. I don't intend to have a girlfriend right off the bat. it's just to see if i'm compatible with the girl i talk to by seeing each other again. I feel I'm doing this all correct. Here's my question: Is this a bad thing to do? Some people might see what i'm doing as like "on a hunt for a girl" but that is not my intention. I just feel if i don't even talk to girls, I will never eventually get to the point in life of dating someone. Like i said, I'm not desperate and not clingy. Is there anything I should do differently? Any helpful tips I can try to improve this? I just want to make sure what I'm doing is completely normal.


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