Why do I fear intimacy?

I've been dating him for about a month. Each night together is spent talking for no less than 6 hours. Our most recent get together lasted 11 hours, we cuddled and kissed a bit. He is so incredibly passionate, each kiss and touch. He is very careful and respectful and true, but I am terrified of being used. Any girl would genuinely be lucky to have a guy like him. Should I still be so skeptical at this point?


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  • "Used" how, is the question? What specific behavior or treatment are you concerned about? If you can pin it down more, you can do what's necessary to avoid and prevent it. And that doesn't mean dumping the guy.

    Consider speaking with him about this. Sounds like he might be the kind of guy who could, and would, help by just listening and being there for you. :)

    Good luck. And by the way, excellent user name.


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