A guy with little amount of friends a turn off?

I'm sort of a loner. I have a couple good friends. One moved to AZ (Closest friend) but we still talk all the time. The other I still occasionally hang with and we grew up together. Then I got a friend to go out with when I want to drink or party.. he's also a gym partner. I'm social at work and talk to people in my field regularly. I'm not socially awkward or anything. I find myself attractive. I don't know I guess I just accepted I'm not really a social out going guy that gets invited everywhere. I spend my time on my career and investing money.. I go to the gym and I'm a bodybuilding. I'm a wannabe instagram model.

Anyways I got on opportunity to go to grad school (I'm 24) to an out of state college. It's in the DC area and my uncle lives there (Hes single kind of a loner too.. but one of the smartest I know) He works in the field that I am studying. He could really mentor me. I'm just afraid I will lose a connection with the current friends that I do have.

I still get anxiety about this because most guys in the bodybuilding community have huge social circles. I don't have any lol. I hate going out most of the time. I'm I guess what they call a lone wolf. Would you date a guy like me?

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by the way I've had two serious relationships that lasted more than a year.


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