Should I give him time?

A friend asked me on a date and I first said to wait until we are done with school. We met up as friends and I realised that I actually wanted to date him already and not wait anymore, so I told him and he was so happy that he wanted to make plans immediately.
The plans, however, were cancelled because of studying. I told him that I wanted him to get good marks rather than hang out with me and then fail.
Suddenly, he stopped talking to me and I felt hurt, so I told him what I am feeling and now he doesn't want to talk to me at all...
Should I give him time? Do I ignore him? What would be the best?

I really care about our friendship and I feel everything is just drifting apart now


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  • I can understand how he would be hurt. The way you told him yes to a date and then said no because you wanted him to not fail sounds like a way to let a guy down. Almost like we should just be friends before you even went on the first date. It sucks to be rejected after get his hopes up.

    But I understand that you were trying to look out for him. I can't fault you for that. I think you guys could afford to go on a date and still make time to do some studying.

    As far as what to do I can't really tell cause I don't know him. I would want some one to come and help me by setting things straight but at the same time it will come across as pity. It's a tough thing to understand. "Maybe just say that you are going to wait for him to ask him out on that date again, regardless of studying, you will say yes." That might work better.

    • Thanks for your opinion! :-)
      I really hope I didn't ruin things completely :-(

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    • what do you mean?

    • I was hoping you could message me so we could keep in touch and you could tell me how it went later. That was all.

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