Feel Like I Wouldn't be Heart Broken?

I am in a relationship. I've known him for about three years now, been friends for two, and dating for three weeks.

No, it's not that long, so I may just be pre-empting but. Eh.

I've known him for a while. I've liked him for a while.
I only barely believe in love. Possibly because the closest thing to love I've ever felt is what I feel for my siblings. Everyone else can go screw themselves for all I care.

But I was thinking about it today. I know I care for him more than I have for anyone (other than my siblings I mean) but I feel like, emotionally I feel like I would be upset if we split, but realistically, I can see myself being okay with it. No, not happy, but okay.

I wouldn't be heart broken.

I know I've read somewhere that if you can't see yourself being upset by s break up then you obviously aren't emotionally invested enough. And that may very well be. But I don't think that's it.
I feel like I'm missing something. I don't know what though. We don't act like a couple. We act pretty much the same as before we just feel more like it's acceptable now. And we don't have to feel weird about it because we know how the other feels when we didn't before. I began to think he wasn't acting like books and movies have always told me he should, and I thought maybe that's what I'm missing, but realistically I know if he did start acting like that I would have to resist the urge to slap him.

So so I don't know. I've been in a relationship before where my instincts told me it was s mistake getting with him, so I know I can count on them because they were right and I should have listened, but in this case they just want me to be close to him. To touch him. To talk to him. To be with him.

So im confused. I like him. I really do, but something is stopping me from feeling like I would be upset to lose him.
And I don't know what that is.

Any ideas? (17 btw)


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  • You are probably comfortable with being alone or single.

    • I guess. But is that all heart break is? Just the fear of being alone/single?

      I mean you could be right because I'm definitely okay with being single. I wasn't really pursuing a relationship when we started dating it just kind of happened.

      It just sort of seems to belittle heart break if it's only reason for existing is to exhibit a fear of singleness.

      Sorry, reading too far into it.

    • That's a big part of it; ever seen the movie, "Shawshank Redemption?" There's a part where Morgan Freeman talks about institutionalized. He says, "First you hate these walls, then you get used to them, and eventually you depend on them." I'm not saying being in a relationship is a prison, but you kind of grow into depending on someone especially when you see them often. Then all of the sudden, that person is gone. That's the scary; the "emptiness."

    • That makes more sense than I expected it to.

      Why can't other people answer my questions like this? You actually make sense.

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