Guys, Are we friends with benefits it more?

I've been seeing this amazing guy for over a month now and we always have a great time when we're together. Except when we are not together he's constantly picking fights. I'm not allowed to see other guys and I have once and he acted like it was totally fine then the next day he texted me bitching about it saying "I guess we're not exclusive". When I realized that that was what he wanted (maybe?) I told him I would like to be serious, then he says that he's not looking for a relationship. He likes casual sex. We talk every day and I go home from college on weekends to see him. He hasn't been seeing other girls but he still uses his tinder. (We met on tinder..) when he found out I slept with another guy he went on a coffee date with another girl and he told me he kissed her. It felt like he did it to get back at me but boys are just so freaking confusing. We even have the same birthday so maybe that explains why we can't see eye to eye? Any how, we have so much fun in person, but he constantly picks dumb little fights with me. The last fight we got into was because I was with my sisters boyfriend friends and he was not impressed, which is why he is mad at me right now -.- Can somebody please tell me if I'm just a casual sex partner to him or something more then that?

i've already told him that i had feelings for him and wanted to be more and he said he can't do serious. Then he said "maybe we should stop hanging out becouse i dont want you to feel like i would be using you". then I decided we would go back to no strings attatched like exactly what we had been doing before he started bitching to me about sleeping with another guy. Long story short, we are friends with benefits I think except I am not allowed to associate with other guys.. what does that mean?


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  • you have two options , tell him you want to be exclusive and not just sleep around with him and he should get serious with you and stop all this and start something.
    or act like you are acting right now , he probably likes you and finds it comfortable to stay with you , he gets physical/emotional support from you and thats why he's sticking around , he's sticking around until he's comfortable enough to look elsewhere and find someone better , so if dont want to be just a toy i suggest you tell him that.