Girls, 18, never had a girlfriend or even been kissed. Is that a turn off?

I'm 18 in community college, I live alone. I don't have a car or a job yet. My plan was to get my license and a job over the summer but my father ruined that for me by making me take summer classes rather than letting me focus on other things like I asked. So I'm stressing out about it trying to get it taken care of now while I take classes at the same time.

I think the fact that I don't have a car or a job yet contribute to the problem, because I don't get to go out as much as I would like to. But the other issue is, I was homeschooled most of my life, so I never really got to interact with women as much as other men my age have.

I don't have an issue attracting women, my issue is I just freeze up whenever I do and the females lose interest. I'm frustrated because I keep trying to get out there in the dating game but things, including myself, just keep getting in my way. I'm actively doing things to improve my confidence like working out but I'm lonely and it's hurting me on the inside.

I turn 19 in April of 2016 and I'm afraid that I will still be a virgin by then. Most people in general are having sex at an early age nowadays so I'm insecure about my situation to the point where it keeps me up at night. Is being a virgin at this age a turn-off to women?

Got a job and a car.


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  • Well first you don't sound ready let.. Forcing things are not good. Speaking from experience it will take away the enjoyment. Your only 19 geez Louis. Those things will fall in line. There are 40+ year old still at home, who have never worked and don't plan to. I understand your want it to lose it. I blame it on society's pressure. And this over sexualized world. I use to be ashamed of being a virgin at 15 I was embarrassed just like you were. I lost it at 16 but I was ready and didn't do it because I was ashamed. However, I regreted it. The guy was older and just used me. I felt dumb but had to learn, I chose so couldnt blame anyone. I wish I would have waited. Being a virgin is something special. Your only a virgin once then your like the rest. You said you keep getting in the way and you freeze up. This is something natural sweetie you are not ready. Just like I was afraid to drive until I was 25. I didn't get my license until 26. And so what.. At least I got them. Back to you.. I don't think its a turn off its a turn on... You are new and , I'd had fun with a virgin. Point is you will not be a virgin forever. There are many like you.. This is just a phase in your life. Its so much easier for a guy at least u don't have to get penetrated and bleed. Its so many kids rushing into sex only to regret it because the other party mistreated them. Don't be a follower. Do it when your ready and u will know when u are. You have no reason to be ashamed you are ahead in life. You got your own spot and already in college. Are you crazy... U got it good.. The parties are always gonna be around. Plus community college is a good place to meet people. I think the reason you are freezing up is because you are trying to force it. Wait for the girl you like who has your best interest. Nobody has to know u are a virgin your a grown man. Not their business. Unless you share it.


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