What are the chances of you actually spending the rest of your life with your first real love?

Would just like to hear people's opinions on this topic, seeing as I just got out of my relationship with my first real love and we thought we were gonna spend the rest of our lives together but now I realise that isn't the case. So is your first real love just a learning curve in your life to better you in the future or could you actually spend your life with the first person you fall Inlove with?


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  • I'd say it all depends on how compatible you actually are and the individual maturity of each person. I think if you have a few failed relationships before you fall in love you learn from them and you know relationships take comprise and not to sweat the small stuff.

    I know people that didn't ever fall in love until after finishing college and I think most of them will be together for a long time. At that point you know where you are going with your life and who you are.

    Falling in love with someone once you have adult obligations is so much more intense yet practical as opposed to falling in love on high school or college. It is more sustaining of you can work through life's challenges and still be together, you absolutely adore that person for sticking by your side when things get tough.


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