He said I am like his sister? what?

I have been friends with a guy for nearly two and a half years now. For the first year or more of our friendship he would blatantly hit on me and ask me if I wanted to have sex. I always shut him down because I felt I did not know him well enough.

As soon as I felt comfortable with him, he had a girl friend. His relationship ended months ago and he has told me every day for a week now that he wants to date "a really really nice, sweet girl". He asked me for help. I thought this was the perfect chance to try to be something with him.

He was joking around saying my sister is cute (inside joke) and I said "oh I feel so ugly compared to her"...he replies "I'd totally do you but you are like a sister I never had".

How does someone go from wanting to have sex with me to saying I am like their sister? Is there any way to reverse this?

More background: in college, I was their frat sweetheart. So essentially I was the guy's girl. I dressed and acted like a girl, yet I was there for the pong, the sex talks etc.. Could this be because of that? Have I become that girl? that was ages ago
I have been talking to my friends about this, because I was honestly trying to find my friend a gf. They all said (guys and girls) that he likes me. I'm very confused.


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  • He values you more as a friend than as a romantic partner. He has grown accustomed to you as a friend, there is no sexual tension between you. It would be easy to seduce him (being on the rebound ) then when it ends it could possibly end your friendship as well.

    • Now looking at the situation, I agree. We are just such good friends that it is not worth a brief fling to end something so good. Thanks!

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