I don't know any places, where should I take her for our second date?

I want to take this girl to a second date, but i don't know where to sit or what to eat etc. I'm not a sociable person, so I don't know what people do or where they go in that part of the city. What can be a good second date idea? I was thinking of a modern art gallery, but it closes very early in the evening. I'm thinking of dinner, but then again i don't know any restaurants at all? Any ideas?


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  • I dont know what kind of person she is, but I'd not like to go to art in any form (that's not my thing). Maybe you could date her at one of your houses, watch a movie together perhaps (or multiple movies)?
    A date at home sounds a lot more personal and intimate than one in public (i assume the first date was in public), so you'll only get closer to her if she accepts the date. You can perhaps hug/cuddle her (shortly though) when watching the movie :) sounds sweet :)

    • Not applicable in my country's standards for a second ddate and i don't have an empty house.

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    • That's quite early lol. You can probably go there in the weekend, when you have plenty of time to go there.
      I dont know where in Turkey you live, but maybe you have some nature (mountains, forests) close near to where you live, and then you could maybe walk there and see breathtaking views and stuff :)

      I think dates should be like 'wow'. A bit unforgettable, they should be special (as in, the thing you're both doing should be special). If you like art, then that could be special for you, if you like nature, that could be special for you etc. :)
      You can find out what she likes (during conversations wit her) and then take her out to something what has to do with that (and where you can talk too).
      Maybe you can volunteer somewhere together. Doing a good deed is always special and it'll bond the both of you together :)

      A dinner, like you suggested, sounds good too. Maybe ask some friends of yours (or family) what restaurants are good etc.

    • Yeah, i'll see. I live in ─░stanbul, the biggest city in the country and there's plenty of sightsseing. But, the season is not good, it's raining really often. If the weather allows it, i have great ideas for future dates, most of them covering a boat trip :D

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