The first date went really well but he hasn't texted me in days?

I met this guy a couple weeks ago and a friend of mine gave him my number. We were texting and went out the next night. He said in text that he was so excited about it and even paid for me. At the end he mentioned how he wanted to go out again really soon and to text him. The next day he texted me saying it was great spending time with me and hopes we can do this again soon. I responded thanking him and said I had a wonderful time. This was Friday and he hasn't texted me since. I texted him yesterday asking how his day was going but no response. What is up? Could he just now be having second thoughts? I thought we really hit it off and enjoyed each other.


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  • why haven't you texted him?

    • I have, it mentioned it in the question

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  • It's too soon to tell. Maybe he's really busy with something at the moment and couldn't respond to your text.

    What ever you do, DO NOT contact him again. Let him come to you.

    I have a feeling he will. He has done everything right so far ( except for not responding to your last text.) So I wouldn't be worried. I think he is still interested.

    • It has been another week and still nothing :(

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    • Hey
      He finally texted me today. He said he was ignoring his phone because he has a big exam coming up.

    • And did you reply? How long has it been since you sent him that text?