Am I just his sexual fantasy or does he want more from our "friends with benefits"?

Known this guy since jr high. were in our early twenties now. We recently started hanging out the most we ever have this year. (Twice a week) and at first he wouldn't call/text much (only text after a few days every few days) and we been having sex most of the time we meet. He would say things like "could u see yourself being with a man like me" or "u could be a good girlfriend" rhinfs like that. I mean he's taken me out to the movies, and he invited me to his boss's bash he was having. anyway, he talks about his ex occasionally saying how she calls him and he doesn't want anything to do with her. He invited me to his friend's wedding and I was joking at how people asked if we were "husband and wife".. Later on that night he said to me "why can't you be my girlfiend" and I just said it may ruin our friendship. I didn't think he meant it because he didn't pursue or insist upon talking about it afterwards. I'll hear from him at least once a day, but only once.. he doesn't call/text much. Why? If you're into someone wouldn't u want to talk to them often? This is what confuses me. He told me via text the other day how he wants to spend a few nights together and that he wants to sneak me in his house so I can spend the night and we'll wake up with no one home together. (He lives with his parents) am I just a fling to him?


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  • wants more

    • You read the whole thing already? Lol.. Then how come he doesn't talk/call much?

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    • yea if u want him as urs then get a dating liife going

    • What do u mean? Play hard to get? Could u be more specific and respind with more than 11 words lol

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