How can I make a woman forget about her ex?

I am talking to this girl, we have goodvibes, her ex boyfriend did her dirty. at the same time she is still in love with him. He basically cheat on her with multiple women.

Is there away that I could make her forget about him and focus on me?


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  • If she's still in love with him, she probably doesn't want to get involved with anyone seriously right now. You might get to be a rebound? But nothing more. Give her space. If you're too friendly, you'll end up supporting her and being a friend but won't end up in a relationship with her. Give her time and space and make a move later down the line.

    • I like my answer better. Haha come on its more realistic. people get into rebound relationshipso all the time.. and not all fail.

    • @melodybluesy true, not all fail but lots of them do. If she's still in love with her ex and this guy has strong feelings for her, he's better off waiting for a good moment to show her he's worth it. Now isn't the time, he needs to let her grieve her past relationship, this guy wants a new start and to be remembered as someone great, not be a rebound or just a way to get over someone else. She might not even be interested in sex right now?

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  • If she is still in love with him, you are at best a rebound and maybe you will be friend zoned. You have no chance with someone in this position. Stop wasting your time and move on.

  • No, there is not. And to be frank, her feelings are kind of a red flag. Why did she get involved with you if she still hadn't gotten over her ex?