Broken heart won't heal?

Two years ago I ended the longest relationship I've ever had. The cheating and lying was not acceptable. I would meet another man who would also break my heart. Now it's been 8 months and I've tried dating again but it's so hard for me to find someone I can connect to. It's not that I miss those two guys after I was done so wrong by both but I feel my heart is still broken and hurting. I don't sit home and cry. I live my life normally and have fun but not a day goes by when the brokeness doesn't cross my mind. They have both tried to reach out to me and I just ignored them. It's not them I miss them (I feel only anger towards them) but feeling loved and giving love is something I suppose I miss.
I feel scared to fall again. I feel scared that I will never find love. I don't know how to get back into the dating game. I get hit on all the time but never asked out. Guys will just pass by making comments such as I'm beautiful but will never actually stop and talk to me.
I always question myself what made me so unworthy of being treated with respect. I know those guys just had self esteem issues and it has nothing to do with me as to why they cheat and are lazy. I just fell for the wrong guys. But the brokeness still remains.
I feel so lonely. I don't know how to get over this feeling. Usually these feelings would just eventually be replaced with love for someone else I had interest in.
Am I the only one that seems to take forever to feel normal again? Once again I want to clarify my life otherwise is normal. I'm not sitting home crying or anything. I go out, work, travel, enjoy life like a normal person but the lonliness is there. I get angry as to why two losers are allowed to make me feel like I'm not worthy of true love.
Maybe I'm not looking for a response but just wanting to know of anyone who can relate.


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  • What can I do for you ma'am ;) just message

    • Nothing. Just wondering if people relate and how they deal I suppose.

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