Has anyone here ever had a positive outcome when their boyfriends asked for a break?

I have been seeing a man for 3 months now. I have been having doubts about a lot. For starters he is in his 40s never been married and no children, so I guess I should spank myself bc I should have known better. What we had was really good, but the main issue was communications. He didn't really like to text or call me very much. It was hard bc we only seen each other maybe like once a week, mainly bc I have a son.

I guess I am quite confused bc he introduced me to his friends who were couples, as well as his siblings. Then all of a sudden I told him I could not attend something and asked if he wanted to keep seeing each other. He then asked if I were having second thoughts.

I then called him and told him how i felt, he told me that how it has been hard being in a relationship. He is used to being able to plan things with this friends and not have to include someone else in. Might I also mention that HE was the one pushing a relationship. Like he was saying how he wanted a permament relationship and talking about the future etc. What really made me think is when he asked me to spend the night over. I did, and when I woke up, he went down stairs. I brought this to his attention on the phone call and he said he was not used to having someone in his bed. He then told me that he just wanted some time to himself.

If you have ever had a boyfriend say this to you, how did things work out, how long did it take him to realize. I could tell that he was falling for me bc when I was around his older friends they were very suprised by his behavior towards me as they never seen that before. His friend also told me it has been a while since he brought anyone around the group and he must think highly of me.


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  • " I should spank myself bc"- No need, I will do it for you. Let's go to the dungeon. :)

    He has basically said that you are controlling.

    • Only if you tell me one last thing. ;) Do you think it is beyond repair? He asked for a break, do you think if i give it to him it is a possibility he may have a change of heart. What is the best way to handle this

    • For you to admit to being controlling and apologizing and asking him for some solutions to make sure this doesn't happen again (that way you open the door to fixing the problem.

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  • A "break" or "space" means breakup for good


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