Can someone help me understand the meaning of this message?

Basically not a peep for a week, nothing. Then out of the blue I get "Hey Y/n I was going to suggest maybe meeting tomorrow but I've been struck down with a lousy cold. See you soon though." I was completely confused by it? What does it mean? I replied a basic, hope you feel better soon text but again nothing for a week. I think he's just playing games. He's a busy guy but this threw me a little. Any thoughts?


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  • It's possible that he is playing you or just trying to stay in touch so he can get you to meet up with him when he really needs "something".

    Or it could mean that he is extremely busy and was trying to say I was thinking about you but can't find the time.

    I know my messages are conflicting but just keep an open mind until you find out more from him.

    • I text him last night to see if he was still sick. Not to make plans or anything, just literally how are you doing. No reply, so obviously he's no longer interested. I've done something wrong or someone better came along, not surprised.

    • Thank you for MHO

    • You're welcome, thank you for your insight!

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  • he is letting you know he was going to hit you up but shit happened so he is hoping to hit you up again when he gets better

    • I just felt like it was a little out of the blue. He could have just not text at all. Your answer makes sense though, thank you.

    • maybe he wanted to let you know just because lol

    • That's where I thought it was game playing or an ego massage maybe? Maybe I'm just being too negative.

  • I don't care how busy someone is, if you like someone you will find the time. You're obviously not his priority, he's trying to keep his options open with you in case he gets some free time from work or someone else.

    • Yeah I text him last night and he never replied. Clearly I'm not on his list anymore, he's obviously moved on. I'm never anybodies priority so I'm kinda used to it now.

  • If he's busy, give him the benefit of the doubt, I mean, y'all aren't even together, it's not like he's cheating, right?


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