Guys what would u want to do on a first date?

I would want to order pizza or Chinese cuddle on the sofa and watch Lord of the rings and talk what would u want to do?


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  • Depends on how lazy I want to be.

    Really lazy? Pizza and Diablo 3. LOTR sounds good, too.

    Semi lazy? Homemade lunch at a dog park.

    Anti-lazy? Go iceskating or to a dancing class.

    Home movies make a good date, I think, as it's filled with lots of talking. Bullshit constantly about the movies or actors, about your opinions. The date is about you guys, not the movie, and you both have probably seen them all already. You should be social during your date, and having a medium (like the movie) to focus on will open you both up.

    • I agree that's why I would want to be at him a. Because I love lotr and iI want them to know what they r in fordue to me knowing every line b. i eat a lot and I love pizza ;) c. Cuddling and play fighting is fun I feel close to the guy he needs to know i will tackle him if I need to

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