Girls would you get a bit mad if your boyfriend kept teasing you cause you couldn't start a lawnmower?

My girlfriend was home alone and called me to start her mower lol. It's an old mower so it does take a few tries. I should her how to do it. She has a funny technique lol so i teased her. She was getting a bit mad and after i was done teasing i offered to cut the grass for her.

It's not big deal if i tease her cause she can't start a mower right?


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  • No but don't do it continuously... that's how you piss a girl off

    • well she wasn't totally mad, but i just said jokes on how she was weak and stuff then she started to get mad. But i mean it's a joke it's not a big deal right?

    • No but it can get annoying

    • i won't do it anymore

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  • Well learn how to start the fucking lawn mower

    • her mower is crappy and takes like 5-6 tries. She has to work on form lol

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  • If she was getting mad, it's a big deal to HER. It doesn't matter if strangers on the internet think it's ok, your girlfriend doesn't. End of story.

    • well she wasn't totally mad but i mean it's not a big deal really.

    • She was getting angry. Accept that making your girlfriend angry is a bad thing to do and move on.

    • well i did cut the grass for her in the end! i was being nice by doing that

  • She probably called you so you would offer to do it.

    • lool, i wanted to teach her

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