How do the individual scores of how a person looks (face, body, height, weight, breast/penis size) come together into the final 1-10 score?

For you, how does this rank down? (Notice I am only asking based off of physical stats, not personality)

How would you list these in order of importance, and what percentage do you think each one matters?

(This is for a Pysche project, so please be detailed in your answers)

Thank you for answering.

I should have clarified, "body" means body type. Pear, hourglass, square, otter, etc.


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  • I seriously think face & body (including body shape/weight?) make up about 65% of the overall attractiveness of a person. Then height makes up about 15% and penis size would be like the left 20% but I think it's also about what they can do with tho lol and why did you say "breast/penis", wouldn't "vagina/penis" be more correct?

    • Actually, no. Though compatibility wise it would make more sense, those are the things that are given a stressed importance from each sex. Women worry about breast size about as much as men worry about penis size, and so they are ranked together.

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    • Yeah, that is true. But this is mostly going off of what is merely considered important for being physically attractive, not compatibility between two people.

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  • Okay, out of just the factors you listed in the question I'd suggest that Face was most important (accounting for about 30% of the net score) then body (I'm not sure what this means, but I assume that it's something to the effect of general health? I'd give it 20%) followed by weight (19%) then hight (18%) and finally breast size (the remaining 13%).

    • I'm sorry, by body I meant body type.

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  • face (35%) > height (25%) > body type (15%) > weight (13%) > penis size (12%)

    it's really hard putting percentages. i mainly based it off of what i notice first.

    • I agree, I'm mostly interested in the order men and women typically select, but it is good to know the disparity between each choice.

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  • In the decreasing order
    Face , height , breast size , weight

  • All these are taken into consideration. Face, weight, and ass matter the most. Weight of course is in retrospect to height. Boobs don't matter that much to me.