Is a guy who volunteers a lot and likes outdoor activities attractive?

He's shy too.

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  • Well... it depends what he volunteers for... for it's charities and stuff like that i don't respect it because charities are bad organizations... they start hounding people for money, especially vunereble people which is completely sick and wrong... if say you volunteer for some kind of scouts for kids or outdoors stuff that is more fun then yes! that's attractive for sure :) one of the types of guys i like is outdoorsy guys because then i can go with them, have fun and go on some cool adventures lol, but i would never do extreme sports nuh uh... i can only just stand a small rollercoaster lol.

    • He's shy, how does he get to know a girl and show her who he is?

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    • Yes he's good at that part once he's in a one to one chat in a relaxed environment. It's getting there that's hard for him.

    • If your refering to yourself it's really not that hard... people talk... the only thing stopping you is yourself and the fear of rejection, but remember not everyone can like you, if a girl doesn't like you then so be it but i think you would regret it more if you didn't at least try to talk to the girl you like.

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  • I find people who work in the soup kitchens unbelievably hot! ahah


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  • Sure, those are not bad things... But obviously not the only things that can make a guy attractive, there needs to be a lot more.


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