Why is he communicating less since our second date?

So met guy online , he messaged me first an I replied as I liked the profile. Then we exchanged numbers , he texted an we chatted a lot.

After a week of chatting , he was then away for a week an so obviously we didn't talk as he's busy. He said he will text when he returns.

Day he returns he texted an we talked ever since. He says things like how's your day , etc. Seemed so genuine. Asked me out last week Thursday for drinks we had a great time , then two days later asks me out again to dinner an movie.

He picked me up in his car paid for date an was great company. He said he had good time. Saturday was last time I saw him an it was second date. Sunday he went golfing normally he texts in morning an stuff but didn't talk until I did said he been busy.

I thought fair enough. Then Monday he didn't talk to me all day. But I could see he had been online at 8pm. Next day He said Am I ok an am I sure I am ok. he messages sorry left phone in bosses car but his boss is his dad an he lives with him so I have now started to feel lied to.

When we spoke yesterday I initiated for third time this week. He said a lot going on at work needs sorting an seemed stress I said hope it sorts out he said thanks. An asked about my day etc.

Today nothing at all for me consistency is so crucial from the get go I am tired an bored of trying to talk to what I feel is a wall.


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  • Maybe he is expecting you to show some more interest in him... perhaps he would like you to invite him for a cup of tea or something like that...

    • I make effort , I have initiated every convo since day after our date. Sunday I made convo an he replied , Didn't hear from him Monday , Tuesday I made convo start then today an not heard a thing now since yesterday. An it felt almost forced or fake his responses so he's not really made much effort since the date. I know it's too early to tell but it feels like slap in the head like I offered to pay on date he said he don't expect me to pay so then I thought he wouldn't want me saying next time lets do bowling as I was thinking that but he has had stress at work an someone tried to break in Saturday so I know he had things to deal with but communication is key

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    • Thanks yeah Defo not

    • You're welcome :)

  • I saw try one more time, and if he isn't trying to plan another date, he just isn't interested. The right guy for you will have a flame burning that will only increase the more you spend time together. Find him. Good luck, darling.

    • He totally ignored me very ignorant guy who couldn't be honest. Certainly not my type at all so he did me a favour , anyway I have moved on but thanks though. I think I may have an thanks very kind of you. The guy was from online dating so he dates people then continues to go on multiple ones never committing I have seen him on there few times so he obvs has issues. So I am glad he's gone was too weak an not man enough for me.

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