I texted him 4 times no response?

I know what ur thinking leave it alone. He says he likes me/loves me. He says I don't annoy him. He usually replies and I know if I text him again he'll reply. I mean it's been a day. But I think I'm just going to move on. If he wants to talk to me he'll text me. Do you think he's playing games? He's such a bad texter. Uh someone help

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  • You do understand that he has this thing called a life of his own, right? Have you considered that maybe he's busy? Or that his phone isn't connected at the moment?

    • He told me he's never busy. And he has his read receipts on so he read my message within a second.

    • Huh. I don't know what to tell you then. Maybe this is an exception, maybe he or a family member are having some kind of medical emergency and he can't respond. Just wait until he texts back.

    • I know he can. He's just ignoring me, I would bet 100,000 dollars he won't text me back at all

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  • Well, you've reached out 4 times. Now it's his turn to communicate. I would do something else for a bit (whatever hobby you enjoy). If you sit around waiting, you start getting in to your own head and that can lead to bad decisions.

    • Ur right uh. Why can't he just text me back he makes me suffer. And he's hurting my feelings I just wanna tell him how I feel but I don't wanna look crazy doing it

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    • I'm not going to call. If he doesn't text back until at least next Monday then I'll text him... Is that okay?

    • If that is what you feel most comfortable with. I just suggested something I do when guys blow me off. Sometimes he's just busy or something happened, so I give it some time. Hopefully you can keep busy and not focus on it. :)

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  • Fuckin call him.

    One time my crush said she didn't reply because she had been in the process of getting a new phone or something.


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