I got a bit into a road rage incident and my girlfriend wasn't too pleased, I got mad and yelled at her. How can I make it up to her?

Long story short this guy saw me trying to merge in but he would not let me in. After he was like wording something off to me then i gave him the finger. Then we rolled down the window and i told him what i though about what just occured then he said something. My girlfriend was literally in the middle of this and she kept telling me to just let it go and keep driving while we were back talking to each other. So anyways some words were said then he exited. I was really mad and i regret saying this but i told my girlfriend when i'm speaking to someone else she should shut he rmouth cause doesn't know anything about driving.

After that she got kinda emotional and said i'm scary when i get mad and she was only trying to help me out. I really do regret what i said to my girlfriend. How can i make it up to her?

Anyone else?
Any Others?


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  • I sometimes get road rage too. Tell your girl that you're sorry and say that it was in the moment type of thing, also take her out this Saturday. Some drivers can be assholes. Like for example this girl with her cigarette flung it out the window and hit my car, it migfht be small but it got me mad lol. There were other instances were drivers need to be alert, especially texting and driving !!!

    Good luck bro!!!

    • Thanks. I was overdoing it and feel bad i will take her out.

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  • I have been the girl in this position before.
    After a great date with my ex, we were discussing the movie when suddenly he slammed on the breaks, reversed in the middle of the (empty) street, and began following a car. I tried deescalating the situation by telling him to stop and calm down. Like you did, he disrespected me and tried to tell me to shut up. I didn't and told him to stop. He wouldn't listen. He began speeding after a car full of people who apparently flicked him off "for no reason". -_- (Macho bullshit) The roads were slick because it had just finished raining so we ended up hydroplaning and the car was bouncing from the curve to the metal divider separating us between oncoming traffic. That only pissed him off even more so he proceeded to get on the highway and follow them for "making him" get into an accident -_- As he got onto the highway, a cop pulled us over. He had witnessed the whole accident. He was real chill, cool, and even joked about my ex "getting excited and rushing to get home" lol! He asked if we were okay and let us off with a warning. My ex used his charms to get out of that one! I stayed pissed for a while that he risked my safety over nonsense.

    He fixed it by apologizing repeatedly, showing the utmost respect, not having angry outbursts like that anymore, rubbing my feet with hot oil, picking up Red Lobster for me, and sexing me real good.

    • *concrete not metal divider

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    • LOL, that's what's so charming about it, that old school vibe <3 There's no school like old school! ;P

      Youtube and xnxx has some great massage tutorial videos :)

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  • Wow, you're an ass. I would be horrified if my boyfriend acted like that while driving. But I'm extra sensitive to angry people because I grew up with an abusive dad.

    I'm not sure what would make her feel better, but if it was me, I would need a promise that you're not gonna act like that again. And you even told her to shut her mouth after that display.. Wow.

    • When i cooled down i realized what i did wrong. Yeah i did act like an ass. I dont get angry often but i can't blame anyone but myself because she kept telling me to drive away from him.

      I'm sorry your dad was abusive and if this brought up any memories while you were younger. I'am not at all abusive to my girlfriend but this situation did make me mad.

      I grew up with an abusive dad too. My dad always used to hit me. I think your dad might have done that to you but regardless it's not right. Or i shouldn't say that cause I don't know your situation. My mom told me never lay a finger on a girl and if i do get mad (such as today) i will never hit my girlfriend.

      I made my girlfriend scared so that was the worst :( she never really seen me angry cause i'am always nice but she got all emotional after :( dinner would make her happy again right?

    • I see you're actually a compassionate person. Sorry I judged you. Like I said, I can't handle being around angry people. My dad never hit me; the abuse was entirely emotional. He would just be like a time bomb, with me having to walk on eggshells around him constantly because anything could set him off.

      It's hard to see someone differently after they scare you like that. But dinner is a good place to start. Good luck. :)

    • it's ok. and thanks

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