When your about to kiss with your ex...

Because all of a sudden you two from just a hug yall ended up in that position of kissing because he pushed you to the wall. And none of you made a move it was just a pinky away of a pop kiss and he says don`t do it but still dosen`t move away instead he just stays there to see what you do. But even if you wanted that kiss you stopped yourself cause you want to seem strong in front of him.

But does that mean he wanted that kiss but wanted to act like he didn't?

Would you think he still feels something for you? Or he just wanted to try you?


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  • I would think that means that he definitely still has feelings for you. He wanted to act like he didn't want to kiss you because it would make him seem "weak". He definitely still likes you a lot! :D and if you like him too then I would suggest that you go out with him again.

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