This lovely coworker of mine, that I would love to ask out, has her last day tomorrow at the firm and I don't know what to do?

so long story short, i have this really lovely coworker of mine that i want to ask out so bad, but it doesn't seem like i can do it? :S
im really an introverted person. i'Ve been wanting to ask her out for a while, today, i had the PERFECT oportunity to ask her, but i just froze:/ the words just couldnt come out!

she is iso lovely and so friendly towards me, i'd really hate to miss this oportunity, but then again, im soooo shy, I don't know what to do :/

if anybody has some feedback, please do share it! :)



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  • Maybe say you think she is a great girl and ask for her number so you can at least still keep in contact with her and ask her when your ready at least if you can do that you won't fully miss the opportunity to ask her on a date.


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  • Give her a little sealed (not a postcard-type) greeting card (Hallmark has them for all occasions, such as a going away/last day of work thing. In the card (and do NOT get mushy!) along with the well-wishing for her future, share a little bit about how nice you have always thought she was ( do NOT say special, or beautiful!!!) and how working with her was a pleasure, and that you will miss her (this lets her think you are not going to stalk her or anything like that, i. e. you are prepared to let her have a life without seeing you again ever). Keep it a little neutral-sounding, not romantic. Include some way of getting in touch - and do NOT admit you have been pining for her for months!! Women today see that as weakness, and will run away at full speed. You could include that you are sometimes shy and never ignored her except when the shy-bug bit (I am assuming you have on a few occasions, it's ok!), so she will understand why you never or hardly ever expressed yourself with her before. Let her think about it, and do NOT call her 18 times after midnight 3 nights in a row if you happen to wind up with her actual phone number - and do NOT secretly find out what it is after she hasn't given it to you, because that is a stalker red-flag. Email is better, as you can just casually drop a line without it being seen as a "love-letter" or like that. Keep it light, and see what happens.



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  • Okay, so you are an introvert, well I am also an introvert so I can understand how it must be for you, for introverts it 100 times more difficult to ask someone out if they like them.

    Okay, so there is this link. I hope it will be useful to you.