My girlfriend's guy friend?

My girl friend that I don't live with has this guy friend that she met last year in school. There in school for graphic design. She was going to his house a lot to get help because he took all the same class the year before. She was going over and staying the night when we first got together sleeping in the spare room and when I said something about it she stop spending the night and was going home. Then they went out just before Christmas shopping together. She will go over there and do homework and different things. She will go out with another couple and bring him along to go to the book store and never even think to invite me. I have told her that I don't like her hanging out with him but she said there's nothing going on that there just friends and that he sees her as a little sister. I work nights so I don't get to see her a lot during the week. Not sure what to do about this should I tell her I don't want her hanging out with him anymore or just cut the cord and stop worrying about it or what? She has told me that she would never choose me over one of her friends. If you have any ? Feel free to ask


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  • Did she know you before the guy? Did I read that right "she told you that she would never choose you over one of her friends," does that means she told you she would dump you rather than get rid the guy friend? I can't see how there would be a strong "friend" connection between your girl, and her friend. It would be different if she had known the guy years before you, if the guy had already his friend flag planted for years your pretty much stuck with the guy. I wouldn't tell her to flat out - "stop seeing that guy." However, I would sit down with her and set some boundaries for what you think is and is not acceptable behavior. For instance, I don't think sleeping over or bringing him along on a date with another couple is acceptable?


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  • I'm a woman and I stopped hanging around my guy friends when I started dating my boyfriend. Not that anything was going on...not that he told me not too...but I wanted to make my man feel he was the number one man in my life. It didn't mean I didn't call my "buds" on the phone or email...but I didn't want to hang out with them...not alone anyway. I want my boyfriend to be a part of my life and that includes friends. My guy buddies invited me to a happy hour...thus I asked my boyfriend to come with me.

    Don't make demands like it's either me or your friends. Talk to her about how you feel. Start off by "I love you______." I am so happy to be a part of your life and glad you want to share your life with me too. Why don't we go out tonight with some friends? Invite_____ (the guy buddy,) etc. etc. If not a night out then say let's have friends over my place tonight. We can get some movies, order pizzas, etc.

    If she doesn't warm up to the idea, then ask straight up if she feel uncomfortable with you meeting her friends and why.


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