He has distancing himself?

I have been seeing this guy for the past few months. I told him that in the new year that I want to travel, he did not like that. We have a five year age gap and I just finished school.

Last week when I slept over at his place I was on my period and it was a cold, rainy and miserable day. I did not feel the best and I honestly just wanted to do netflix and chill or just cuddle. However, he felt restless and he was just wanting to go places. He said I was acting like a 'bum.' I didn't like that so I told him I did not feel well and thats why I was acting that way. He was acting cold toward me. He ended up driving me home. When I got home my brother who I have not seen in a month was there and asked me to go to the city with him (i'm pretty close with my bro) so I said yes because I did not hangout with him forever and there was an awesome event happpening in the city I went. When I told this to the guy I am seeing that, I can see how it he could be hurt.

The next week he barly texted me and would leave large time gaps in between, cancelled plans (ok it was on Sunday for Thanksgiving..). When I called him after the long weekend he suggested to go to the movies. When he picked me up he did kiss me but he barely said anything. When we went to go get the tickets... he barely said anything as well. I was the one initating everything. From the conversation to holding hands. When I asked him why he was acting so different he just shrugged. I ended up sleeping at his place. He says things to me such as "your my girl" but I know he still has his online dating profile and still is active on the site. During the night he was cuddly and everything. But when we were leaving he once again was cold and did not talk much. When I suggested to do something for Oktoberfest this Friday he responded with "maybe."

Should I confront him? even if I did... I don't know what I would say? even when I did all did was shrugged. I dont know what to do.. I dont know what would be the best course of action. I dont want him to go running for the hills so what should I do or not do?


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  • This sounds so similar to my ex. Call him out on it but don't expect a response that makes sense. If he's this moody now, imagine what he'll be like months down the line. As someone who went through 8 months of this, save yourself a lot of heartache and move on.

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