Help! I don't know what to do?

I've been feeling awkward lately, but it's usually with guys. I can't carry a conversation without feeling nervous. I've been wanting to talk to this guy I have a crush on. I have him in one of my classes and he talked to me once. We had a pretty nice conversation. But after thAt day... He hasn't talked to me. I want to to strike up a conversation , but I don't know how! It would be awkward just randomly walking up to him and burst out "hi" ... I usually don't talk to guys ;_; I have only two guy friends that I met a long time ago. I would like to talk to guys , expand my opportunities of meeting people. Any advice would be helpful , thank you for your time.

Forgot to mention that I find it crazy that I see him everywhere I go, I don't know if this is normal! :0


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  • Not if you start with "Hi, how's your day?" talk about class or something... and before you actually start the conversation make sure to plan ahead. I think a lot of people go through this including me.


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