How do you date a girl with serious past relationship issues?

The girl I have been seeing says she cheated on the last guy she was with about a year ago. She felt terrible about it to the point she wanted to kill herself and got herself held at the hospital for a few days. She's traumatized a bit from the experience and tries to avoid the things that remind her of anything loosely related.

We both really like each other and I love her to death because I can definitely relate. We continue making plans to go out yet she says she's avoiding any kind of relationships. How do you continue with a girl like this?


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  • Doesn't everyone have past relationship issues lol

    • yes... but how many do you know tried to commit suicide over one?

    • oh shit i didn't read that. I don't know very case-by-case man, too detailed to just give a yay or nay. good luck

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  • You treat her right. Be open and honest, talk about things regularly and proceed cautiously. Thats about the best you can do. There's always going to be risk

  • You don't. She's got some issues she needs to wrok through on her own.