Women who have multiple men pursuing them, how do you decide which man you choose?

Say you have 10 guys who like you and want you.

What is your thought process like while selecting a mate? Is it purely instinctual or does it involve any form of deliberate reasoning?


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  • Well I certainly don't have ten dudes pining for me but I'll go with the dude I have the most chemistry with.

    • could you be any more vague?

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    • Uh bruh you're the one who came for me. I didn't understand what the fuck you were asking because I don't know how someone doesn't understand the context of the word "chemistry" in a question about dating. So instead of whine-typing "could you be more vague?" maybe you should have gone with "and what does chemistry mean to you?" You wanna talk about logical progression? Here's one for you: if you wanted a better answer, you have to ask a question that which the desired answer would follow.

    • You didn't give me the desired answer. I asked in addition to the first question two other questions in the description which you neglected to answer. I do understand the context of the word but the context is irrelevant when you don't at all elaborate on the semantics of what you wrote. I was trying to evoke an answer that expanded upon and explained the semantics of your use of the word chemistry. "could you be any more vague?" is an implicit way of letting the writer know that what they wrote was too vague. It is called alluding by means of contradiction, more commonly referred to as sarcasm, which is a fairly common nuance in human rhetoric. I would be concerned for your mental health if this concept is foreign to you.

  • This is often very difficult. I have had a few guys asking me out at the same time, and I wasn't sure what to do. I only like dating one at a time, so I had to do a quick pros and cons list (which sucks, really) and chose the one I thought I'd like to date more.

    I look at who makes me feel good when I'm around him
    Who I want to hear from more every day or few days
    Who makes me laugh more
    The things we have in common... which is more important? The ones I do more often, so I see who does that.