Guys, Is he toying with me, help me find the meaning of his response:(?

Hi guys is really appreciate if someone read this and gave me their honest input:) I'll try to make it brief.
Anyways I'm 17 and I've been "seeing" a 23 year old guy.. We met when I visited my cousin at her university, exchanged numbers and fast forward 3 weeks we've gone on 3 dates. 1st date was a movie, 2nd date and 3rd date he took me to restaurants. We did end up hooking up after all 3 dates though, agh..
Anyways today I messaged him and I asked him where he and I stood and he replied with "Oh valid question, were dating I guess, nothing serious though haha" based on his kindness to me on our dates/hookups I expected him to reply something sweet like "be my girl?" So
This is really confusing to me because whenever we're texting he seems jerkish, like ain't that reply jerkish? But in person he is so incredible sweet and nice to me its so crazy, likeee you just have to see it, he opens doors for me, keeps the conversation flowing very well because I'm a bit shy and he doesn't get offended by my awkwardness, and tries to get to know me, tells me personal things and pays for my stuff lol and I've never had a guy do that before I don't know.. I don't want him to see me as a hookup because I really enjoyed our dates and I want to be his girlfriend:/ I didn't reply to his reply because I have no clue what to say to him, he hasn't even asked me when were hanging out again:( maybe he's playing hard to get? Maybe he wants to get to knoww better before its serious? I don't know.. someone please help (preferably a man) oh yeah also, does his reply mean we are boyfriend and girlfriend? The "I guess" confuses me :(

The "nothing serious though" also confused me because was like will it get serious or does that mean there's no hope?
I never replied to his Oh valid question, were dating I guess, nothing serious though haha" so he double texted me saying "another date this week?" And I'm even more confused now I haven't replied to that either.. I don't know if he genuinely wants to see me because he did call it a date and we do go out to eat and stuff... or if the only reason is because he's getting laid afterwards.-.


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  • Not saying I have the right answer here, but I honestly think he is not interested in long term. Just a little fun. And I'm sorry I even think that because I know it's the last thing you wanna hear but if he were in it for the long run he'd say something much more like "yes please! When can I see your pretty face again?" His reply sounded like a loser punk butt of a guy. I'm sorry 😢

    • I think he's trying to let you know not to get too attached to him when he said "nothing serious though"
      Honestly, that's garbage

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    • If I were you, I'd reply asking him if he is seriously interested in you or if he wants friends with benefits. or just not reply at all cuz he should be trying to woo you right now if he wanted you.
      And for the record, you are a very pretty girl. Any smart guy would kill to love you

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  • ask yourself who dates anyone if they don't want it to be serious?

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