Why do you date?

Some people go through life not having any plan for anything and not giving much thought to the direction in which they are going. However, some people make sure that there is a purpose in what they do. If you are one of those people who has a purpose in your actions, why do you date? If you are married, why did you date when you were single?

  • I don't date.
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  • I don't have any purpose in my dating. What else should I be doing?
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  • I date because it makes me feel good knowing that I can attract someone.
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  • I date just for fun and entertainment. I have no other goals
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  • I date for fun and to find sexual partners.
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  • I date to find someone for a long-term, monogamous relationship.
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  • I date in hopes of finding my future spouse.
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  • I date girls to find a wife eventually. All the good women go fast it seems, so I figure I best start early on.


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  • I try dating but based on who I am, it's hard with my pride in place. But I don't date for shits and giggles, I try to be with someone I know won't make it hell for me. Hoping to find someone. But seeing as I'm 18 now and in no rush to marry, I'm dating more or less because I really like said person and want to see where it goes with us.