Does He really like me, and seriously want a relationship with me? Is he starting to fall for me? Guys can you help please?

Guys Please Help I have a question for you, Does He like me, or is he falling for me?

We are longdistance from each other right now, we stay in contact through social media (I first met him when I was in his town)

Things he has done

he intiates contact almost always (mostly daily)
he sent me a photo he took for me of a rose while he was out in a bar alone having a drink
and chatted too me through social media

I said I was going back to see him this month, he has asked me a few times, when we have spoken, if I have booked my ticket, he said he only work 8 hours a day , so will be able to see you everyday.

He said the other night to me

I remember our first kiss now baby
I said that I remembered too
and he replied you do
I said yes
And said I remember our hug now

he replied saying oh god you sweet

I said i'm not sweet

and he sent another reply you;re sweet to me

and I said well you're an exception
and then he said- i'm not good and not really deserve you


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  • He does like you but unsure of your other questions


Most Helpful Girl

  • I would be very wary of guys online.
    This is more fantasy based than realistic.

    If he's getting angry online, ready to tear you down & blame you for everything and suggesting you are lower than your worth... that is a red flag. I think tempers will only rise as you continue down the path with him.
    I don't know he sort of sounds like he's playing with your heart a bit, toying with you on the sidelines. He fucks off elsewhere, coming back only when it's convenient for him & controlling you to come back to him by making out it was all your fault to begin with (manipulative). Then again, I don't know what happened between you two.

    If he's serious, what's he like in real life?


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  • I would say all the answers to your questions are Yes. He does like you and I think he is falling in love with you or maybe he already did but doesn't know it yet.

    • Really do you think so? What makes you think he's falling or fallen in love with me?

    • Yes, I'll tell you.

  • Of course he is into you and serious, but worries me more that if you dont know this. So instead I would ask, are you into him?, cause at this point I hope you are not leading him on. Cause yeah he's certainly interested.

    • I am really interested in him, I am falling for him more and more.

    • Thats good, but yes does seem like he means it. And most people or relationships can have their ups and downs like that fight you had. Sometimes people need to grow together to find their peace and harmony together as well. In either case, be careful but best of luck with you :)

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  • Run away. he's coming on too strong. Red flag...

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