Guys, What would you do or say in this situation?

Me and my boyfriend just got back together after breaking up. We broke us cuz we were arguing and he ended it without a fight. And this time I was talking about are you flirting with people as a joke. He was at a job interview and he said no there's only married and poeple here so I said oh so if there was young poeple, you would? I kind of don't trust him to actually fight for me at all. And he fell asleep but that was way too early to fall asleep so the next day I was like really you don't have anything to say to that? If you would you can just admit it and he got pissed off and told me I haren't give up on you, you just need to control that. I can't like my life like that. How am I supposed to react cuz rn it just makes me doubt his feelings for me and that's he taking me for granted I don't know how to reply back to him

I meant like do you feel the same way as my boyfriend, that I should trust him and it won't be the same as last time and just stop rushing him to text back or assuming things and then getting pissed at him


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  • You've broken up over something probably trivial. There isn't a future in this relationship