Guys, What Does This Even Mean- How Do You Boy?

I'm 16 years old and have never had a boyfriend (or anything similar) before. I've never had any attraction towards anyone before a couple months ago. He is pretty good friends with two of my best friends, and they both say he's really nice and whatnot.
What I don't understand is he stares at me a lot. If I'm near him talking to someone, he watches me the whole conversation/time he's around. I'll look over in band class, and he will turn around occasionally when he's talking to his friends and look at me. Last weekend at a band function, every time I would look over at him, he'd be looking at me and smile really shyly (hasn't done it since). We don't really talk all that often, and when we do, he laughs a lot at everything I say (?). If I try and start a conversation, he seems kind of uncomfortable, but if he starts it, he seems? proud? to talk to me.
I'm not attractive (being honest), so is he just staring at me because he wants to throw up or something like? I don't have any idea what I'm experiencing. ? Help Please?

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  • He likes you but has no idea how to get your attention.


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  • I bet he really likes you but maybe it will be his first date or he is scared to approach you or he doesn't know how to ask you out... There could be many reason but one thing for sure is he really likes you and want to be your girl friend. So during a conversation lead him to ask you out and for your number only if you like him

    • How do you even talk to boys
      Do I activate my trap card
      This is all new

    • I don't really know since I am a guy but here are some of my ideas you can try So you need to grab his attention and when we his checking you out get I contact also when we comes to you start to flirt with him and he should flirt back but don't make it to obvious and smile. Here are some tips try them out. But make sure he makes the move unless he is hopeless to ask you out

  • Post a pic of your on imgur paste its link here, go anonymous and let us decide how you look, if you have 2 eyes, 1 nose 1 mouth, a pair of tits and ass then you can win any guy..
    Apart from it he thinks he is ugly, he is afraid to approach you..

  • I doubt you're not attractive. It's almost impossible for a girl to be ugly. He's definitely into you

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