Should I let him plan the date or should I take control?

so this guy on this dating app messaged me late last week or so and we started talking. After 2- 3 days of dating he indrectly asked me out, we were talking about traveling and we wanted to go to the same place so he said "we should meet up and plan the trip togheter" and i said "yeah, we should" so we planned to meet this Saturday.

We exchanged numbers and the same day he messaged me asking how my day was, this was early this week.

I guess the thing im asking is how often is too often to message him? i mean we have only established the day, not the time or anything?

So advice? should i message him or should i let him plan everything or? im realy bad at this kind of stuff lol


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  • If you've never met him face to face, then do NOT trust him fully straight away. It has to be earned. You and him can set the date and time. YOU must say where. Make it somewhere public, like a cafe or restaurant. Can't be too safe!!

    • Ofc not, the first meeting is always in a public place. . I might be bad at stuff like this, but im not stupid

    • Ouch! Seems like you don't need advice at all!

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  • I'd say let him take the lead on the first few days leading up to Saturday, so he can show you his interest by his own will. If the date goes well, then you can talk to him as much as you like.

    I think the whole 'who texts first' crap is really just immature for both girls and guys to do. If the date goes well and you like each other, then message him freely. Why not?


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  • Well, if his planning suits you, you can always say 'Sorry, but this doesn't suit me' and ask him to alter the planning.

    If you're too selective, then plan the thing yourself.


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