Am I in love with my best friend?

Okay so there's this boy, he knows I have feelings for him and when we met up last Saturday it was so so magical. I looked at him and I just couldn't get over how beautiful he was i atchally felt butterflies and I walked into someone because I was just so focused on him. Were best friends like the closest you can get and were very very affectionate too. For example we were cuddling each other and he grabbed my hand and gentley like interlinked his fingers with mine and just held me, that just felt perfect and I can't get over how perfect he is, he's everything I want and he's all I think about every single day. Also because we live far away I get heartbroken at everyone who gets to see him on a daily basis. But ah I just can't explain this feeling I've never felt it before , please help x


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  • Yup sounds like you're in love

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