Why did he blank an block me after two great dates?

We met online. Yeah I agree not the best place to meet good people. I was not messaging anyone then he messaged. We exchanged numbers an got texting. We spoke for a week , then he went away for a week. He said he will get back to me when he came back.

An so he did the day he returned in fact. Then he asked me out , an we went out on first date last week Thursday. Then on Friday he invited me to go out on Saturday. We went for a movie an dinner.

We had a lot of fun an laughs. He was more concerned about me enjoying. An always said at end of night did u enjoy evening. I noticed after second date things started to get slower an the texts much shorter like he didn't care.

Movie was was bit odd but we watched he said weird choice. Even when I came out toilet afterwards he looked then looked away. I never felt he was attracted to me , he never complimented me.

After date he dropped me home in his car. Next day he did say he was out golfing I never messaged. Afternoon I said hope u enjoyed it he said yeah then said was busy that evening.

So already I felt like he was shifting away. Then Monday he doesn't message once , until Tuesday evening saying I did nothing wrong just things happening at work. Then Wednesday nothing from him. He normally says how's college or how's your day. Not had none of that or a goodnight.

It has simmered down to nothing at all. Seen he had been online Monday yet he said left phone in bosses car but his boss is his dad at family company. So it would of been outside. So he didn't care too much about keeping in touch.

Tuesday he was online in evening an spoke a bit yesterday he was on a bit an nothing from him. Then today he was on at 12 so angrily I said why don't you just say not interested why be disrespectful an a coward about it. I am upset so I went in on him with frustration. He was so vile to blank me then next thing I can't see his last seen so I have now been blocked for no reason.

We didn't kiss on second date an he was a shy guy. If I looked around room , he would say whose entertaining you so he was paranoid. I was bit like huh. I am sad cus this my third second date with a guy an they lose interest out of nowhere. I am fun an have a laugh when out its just annoying I am so unlucky I am now going to give up on looking an focus on me


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  • He probably lost interest or he could be keeping his options open. Don't blame yourself if the guy loses interest. If it's meant to be it's meant to be. Sometimes guys play games.

    • Yeah true , just think he could of said then I would of said ok bye. It's just common courtesy but he never had any quite obviously. It did feel like games , as one day he spoke this week then he went quiet. Then spoke then offish again. Was no need for it though , like be a normal person why does everything have to be so immature 😁 He's 25 but I know for guys they act younger

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    • There is yeah an no problem. Thanks again for answering 😀

    • Your very welcome. Thank you again. ☺

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  • have you had a sex?

    • No we did not. We had two dates an only known him 4 weeks. Dates were out in public restaurant an bar an to cinema. We was not at the stage for sex an he never tried it on or expected it this soon.

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