How do you tell the other girls you're talking to that you're dating someone?

To be clear I've never steered conversation towards me liking anyone but the girl I'm currently dating (well except for one of them if I'm being honest).
But I want to tell them all in full disclosure, because it seems some of them are interested in me and I obviously don't and can't feel the sane way


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  • "Yeah, I'm seeing someone"


    • True! lol that is the easy way to do it. I mean honestly, like I said, I only flirted with one of them, but she friend zoned me pretty hard (lol in the nicest way possible, we're still buddies), so I don't think she'll really care.
      Honestly I'm just afraid of reactions cuz like they're friends and I enjoy talking to them, lol and last time I told a girl this she freaked out started crying and saying I hurt her feelings and stuff... but like I had only talked to her for a weekend lol

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    • This is very true. I mean honestly, because of how things have been recently, it'll probably be on facebook soon... sooo I'd probably like to tell them before then.

    • Thanks for MH

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  • No one says you have to Completely Alienate yourself from 'Some of them' just because you are Merely... Dating someone.
    Keep your convos with those who are 'Interested in me' light and semi sweet and simple, and this will tell them that you are Not flirting, just friendly. And of course, you can tell them you are in a good mood as well, to be dating a nice girl or just Stay.. Silent is golden too.
    However, should something go south or sour with your Current cutie, at least, with being civil, they will be around when those chips are down, and always someone to lean on for understanding to have them around.
    Good luck. xx

    • Oh for certain, I don't intend on cutting them off. I mean I consider them my friends.
      I would never want to do wrong by any of my friends.
      Honestly, I've only ever flirted with one of them lol, but like I know she's not gonna care too much.
      I'm just afraid since last time I did this someone freaked out at me for telling them I was about to start dating someone...

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    • Honestly, I love this girl. We've been through some stuff... Not all of it good, but she's just this sweetheart who I can't help but be happy around.

    • Oh, okay, well, then go slow with your friends and try not to let our sweetie see that they are nothing and she is more something... Keep the peace. xxoo

  • Then break it off with them...

    • I don't really understand your opinion lol it doesn't seem at al helpful to be honest lol

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    • I thought you meant talking like dating. If they bluntly tell you they like you tell them you have a girlfriend. Other than that as long as your behavior isn't out of line you aren't responsible for their feelings.

    • Oh no, lol okay I see the confusion. I mean I only dated one of the girls, but like I said, she's made it very clear she didn't want a relationship... she's just too into single fun. I mean I still feel I should tell her in some way cuz like I guess I was pretty into her and made it pretty clear... but I don't know. Nah, I know I should tell her instead of just one day her seeing the relationship status on FB...

  • Well, that's easy.. start gushing about the girl you're dating..^^ they will get the hint, I promise xD

    • Lmao. That would be a way, and it would also feign ignorance lol

    • I think indirectly being turned down without having to show your feelings first is better than gathering up the courage to show your feelings to directly get turned down.

    • Hmm that actually makes lots of sense

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