Is he only using me to do sexual things?

So this is going to be long ahaha sorry!
So I met this boy a couple of weeks ago.
We talked sooo much about so many things. We had a genuinely good conversation. He made me so happy. We talked about school, driving, hobbies, everything.
Never mention anything about sex. Didn't give me the impression that he was that type of person.
I met up with him last week, while walking to his house we had such a good conversation conversation and this was when I realised he was the one.
So we got to his House and then he kissed me and took me to his bedroom. He tried doing stuff with me but I didn't want to so I told him that. Then he kinda had a sook and then we didn't talk much for the next few hours.
Then the next day I had apologise that they day didn't go the way he wanted it to go. He was texting me such stupid pathetic answers so I asked if he hated me or was annoyed and he said that he didn't, that he just thought I would want to, but he understood that I didn't want to do anything.
So then we kinda had a normal conversation and then he asked if I ever wanted to do stuff with him blah blah, I said I wasn't sure I ended the conversation with me yelling at him because I felt he just wanted me for sex.
Long story short I haven't spoken to him since then.
do you think he just wants me for sex?
sorry this is so long.


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  • He made it obvious thats all he wanted. After he tried the first time, you declined things got awkward. Then tries at it again?
    by the way, don't ever apologize for not having sex with someone. Who cares if they're sad/mad. You don't apologize for having some self respect. You did the right thing. You're worth more than just sex, and you told him that. As long as your comfortable, that's all that matters.

  • I guess he wants you for sex... i have encounter this before too.. and i seek help here..