When I love , I put everything in. Tips on how to forget and move on?


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  • they dont love u then whats the point in loving them

    • he does, we are together for almost 2 years but well, things haven't been smooth since July.. there's this girl who had changed lots of boyfriends, that likes him.. and i deeply suspect she said something ill about me to him so that he could be with her.. as she did before. but he did not leave me. we quarreled few days ago.. and we patched up together. i wanted to talk things out with him, but he kinda changed.. my friends said he might be influenced by the people around him.. i dont want to leave him but i dont want him to get hurt too.. because whenever im mad, i would say things that would hurt his feelings..

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    • he said he doesn't and he would never leave me.. but his attitude changed.. he said he doesn't give a damn if i talk or not talk to him anymore..

    • he doesn't care then lol

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