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I met this guy in New York on labor day. We immediately hit it off. I had to go back to boston the next day so he came to visit me two weeks later. And we've been dating ever since. He said he has an ex that he doesn't want buttttt I keep seeing things that dont add up. He won't add me on fb he claims he doesn't use it much. But when I requested him he tells me I might see pictures of him and his ex. And he still hasn't accepted my request. She posted a photo of him 2 weeks ago on her instagram. I asked him about it and he swears he doesn't know why. And then aftet about 8 o'clock every night I dont hear from him. He claims he was tired or busy. I had asked him if he had snapchat he said "whats snapchat" last night i went to add a different friend and he has a snap chat. Like why lie about simple things. If I need help with anything he's there but he knows I have trust issues from my father. I dont want to ignore these things and get hurt. I feel likw telling him to add me on his facebook or we can't speak anymore i feel like he's hiding something. What should i do?
Still nothing


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  • He doesn't make you a priority


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