Would you take your girlfriend of 5-6 months home for Thanksgiving?

My boyfriends family lives in another state and its a REALLY long drive so I'm thinking he may not want to ask me to come.

Would you want to take you girlfriend to meet your family after only six months? I don't know when else we would get a chance without me having to take several days off work.


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  • My girlfriend and I will have been together for five months this weekend. She met my family after three months, I met hers after a month, and we just spent Thanksgiving at both her family and mine (we're in Canada).

    We are crazy in love, so if you guys are, go for it!

    • Yeah I think the main deterrent is that he knows I hate car trips and it is over 10 hours but there aren't any close airports. I don't think he wants to make me spend that long in a car.

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    • Oh yeah no I totally want to go never mind the distance. It is a long way but it is the perfect time because I get 5 days off work and I completely adore him. He just knows I hate driving so he feels like it is a burden to ask me to go which is so silly to me because, as I've told him, as long as we're together I really don't care what we are doing. But also in this instance of course I want to meet his family.

      We haven't discussed it yet but the time to discuss it is drawing near. I think I may have to bring it up though because he thinks I'll say yes if he asks even if I don't want to. He has met my family so I know my Mom will ask if we are coming to her house but it makes more since to go to his parents since she comes to visit me a lot and is closer.

    • Tell him you really do want to go, for him and to meet his family.

      In a previous relationship, we divided our Christmases between my family (far away) and hers (close)

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  • When my boyfriend and I started dating we lived 2 hours apart. We were together 1 month and I invited him to come to meet my family for Christmas. It was an overwhelming hectic experience, but we're still together 2 years later and he loves my family, my family loves him. I love his family and they love me.


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  • After 6 months of dating, I most definitely would want my girlfriend to meet my family.

  • probably not, im sure she has her own family plans. it would have had to been a really really serious 5-6 months.

    • Well of course but my family doesn't make too big of a deal over Thanksgiving. My mother is only a naturalized citizen some years we don't even do it. We make a really big deal on Christmas Eve we are cooking candies and snacks all day before finally making oyster stew. I have a big family so it is the only time all of the kids are ever together.

      His family makes a huge deal of Thanksgiving.

    • in your scenario, I think it'd be perfectly okay.

  • I'll take @MissNowhere home for thanksgiven and it'd be 1 and a half month


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